Cornerstones Curriculum Statement

Curriculum Intent: Nurturing Growth through Cornerstones
In our Cornerstones Curriculum, our intention is clear: to cultivate a lifelong passion for learning. This curriculum is based on the core statements of the National Curriculum. We believe in sparking curiosity and fostering adaptable individuals who can thrive in a changing world. Rooted in the ‘big ideas’ of humankind, nature, processes, place and space, creativity, comparison, investigation, significance, materials, and change, our curriculum forms a holistic framework. Our focus subjects – Art, Design Technology (DT), Science, Geography, and History – provide the lens through which students explore these ideas.
Curriculum Implementation: Dynamic and Hands-On Learning
Our approach to curriculum implementation is hands-on and dynamic. In subjects like Art and DT, students dive into creative projects, applying imaginative thinking to real-world problems. In Science, they explore the natural world through experimentation, nurturing their sense of inquiry. Geography takes them on journeys to understand our diverse planet, while History connects them with the past to better grasp the present. Interdisciplinary projects intertwine these subjects, allowing students to investigate the big ideas in practical contexts. Our curriculum is rooted in the principles of safety, respect, and readiness, ensuring a welcoming environment that promotes empathy, collaboration, and ethical awareness.
Curriculum Impact: Empowering for Life
The impact of our Cornerstones Curriculum is profound. Children become adaptable individuals with a foundation in critical thinking and creative problem-solving. Our approach to Art fosters self-expression and innovative thinking, while DT instils practical problem-solving skills. In Science, children gain a solid understanding of the world around them, and Geography nurtures their global awareness. History connects them with their roots and helps them appreciate diverse perspectives. This blend of subjects equips children with skills to excel not only academically but also as responsible citizens. These concepts prepare children for a future full of possibilities, carrying with them a love for learning that extends far beyond their time in the classroom.