Aspiration and Opportunity

Our motto is Small School Big Ideas.  We are proud of our inclusive family ethos and delighted by the support that we receive from our parents and members of the local community.

We aim to support children sympathetically and encourage positive attitudes to learning, school and life.

We believe that the higher the expectations we have of the pupils, the greater their achievement will be.

Working closely with parents and community, we want all children to develop their full potential and to acquire knowledge, understanding, and skills in a wide variety of subjects and activities.

We also trust that they will find enjoyment and satisfaction in learning and working with other children and adults.

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The Federation

In September 2009, after a period of consultation, a Federation was formed between John Hampden Primary School & Tetsworth Primary School.

What is a Federation?

Federations are groups of two or more schools with a joint governing body. Each of the schools retains their separate individual identity but their individual governing bodies are dissolved and a new joint instrument of governance establishes a single federated governing body in their place. All maintained schools may establish joint governing bodies. This arrangement is termed a ‘hard’ governance federation by the DfE because of the formal commitments that are established.

Aspiration and opportunity – The John Hampden and Tetsworth Schools Federation

Our federated schools remain separate in funding terms and each have their own “head of teaching and learning”. Mr Paul Hankey acts as the “executive head” across both schools as well as the “head of teaching and learning” for John Hampden Primary School – utilising his huge wealth of experience to promote the highest levels of education across the board – and Mrs Anna Bowden as “Head of School” at Tetsworth. The governing body has become “one”, allowing parents and staff from two schools to become governors and make strategic decisions that influence and help all the schools.

Our vision is for The Federation to offer an even better learning environment for pupils and students who attend John Hampden School and Tetsworth School, and for the local community who use the facilities and sites. Both John Hampden and Tetsworth have excellent facilities and since the large capital investment at Tetsworth, both schools are now well equipped for the educational challenges going forwards.

Federations are becoming more common countrywide and is the next positive step to being at the forefront of education.

Since the launch of the Federation in September 2009, the children and staff across all schools have benefited from greater interaction with their peers, joint events and combined learning activities.